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Holiday Jazz
Swingin' good holiday music for the discerning jazz fan!
Mellow Jazz Christmas
De-stress this season with the mellowest Christmas jazz in our collection
New Christmas Jazz
Christmas jazz released in the past five years.
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  • Avant-Garde Jazz - Click to listen Avant-Garde
    Jazz outside the box, from Ornette to Ken Vandermark

  • Bebop - Click to listenBebop
    Everything bop, from early bebop to hard bop

  • Big Band - Click to listenBig Band
    The glorious sounds of big bands from every era

  • Brazilian Jazz - Click to listenBrazilian Jazz
    The best in Brazilian jazz, from Brazil and all over the world

  • Cocktail Jazz Trio - Click to listenCocktail Jazz Trio
    Great Jazz trios playing tasteful arrangements of time-tested standards
  • Cool Jazz - Click to listenCool Jazz
    Music from cool pioneer Miles Davis and West Coast jazzers

  • Cutting Edge - Click to listenCutting Edge
    Adventurous modern jazz that's not quite avant-garde

  • Fusion - Click to listenFusion
    All the best fusion is here, from Miles to MMW

  • Groove Jazz - Click to listenGroove Jazz
    Funky music performed by great jazz musicians

  • Gypsy Jazz - Click to listenGypsy Jazz
    The gypsy jazz tradition, from Django to today

  • Latin Jazz - Click to listenLatin Jazz
    From "Manteca" to Michel Camilo, the best in Latin Jazz

  • Mellow Jazz - Click to listen Mellow Jazz
    Lush, sensous ballads as performed by jazz greats

  • Modern Mainstream - Click to listenModern Mainstream
    The best in mainstream jazz from the last three decades

  • Old School - Click to listenOld School
    Swing, Dixieland and old mainstream jazz

  • New School - Click to listenNew School
    There is jazz after bop! Hear all types of modern jazz

  • Straight Ahead - Click to listenStraight Ahead
    Get your groove on with the best in swinging jazz

  • Third Stream - Click to listenThird Stream
    Jazz and classical collide in the fusion called 3rd stream

  • World Fusion - Click to listenWorld Fusion
    Jazz that incorporates sounds from around the world

Composer channels
  • Composers: Beatles - Click to listenBeatles
    Jazz masters take on the music of the fab four

  • Composers: Bird and Diz - Click to listenBird and Diz
    Compositions by Parker and Gillespie, the fathers of bop

  • Composers: Duke Ellington - Click to listenEllington
    Music written by the Duke, performed by jazz artists

  • Composers: Jobim - Click to listenJobim
    Compositions of bossa nova maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim

  • Composers: Thelonious Monk - Click to listenMonk
    Music composed by the great Thelonious Monk

  • Composers: Wayne Shorter - Click to listenShorter
    Music by jazz's greatest living composer, Wayne Shorter

  • Composers: Billy Strayhorn - Click to listenStrayhorn
    The beautiful music of Duke's right hand man, Billy Strayhorn

  • Pop Composers - Click to listenPop Composers
    Jazzers performing pop songs by artists from Beatles to Bjork

At-work channels
Decade channels
  • Pre-1940 Jazz - Click to listenPre-1940
    Take a tour of jazz's lively and swinging early years

  • Decade: 40s - Click to listen '40s
    The decade when swing was king, until dethroned by Bebop

  • Decade: 50s - Click to listen'50s
    Considered by many to be jazz's finest hour

  • Decade: 60s - Click to listen'60s
    A time of extreme change and innovation in the jazz world

  • Decade: 70s - Click to listen'70s
    Fusion was everywhere, but hard bop was still going strong

  • Decade: 80s - Click to listen '80s
    Nothing but jazz from the '80s, from fusion to neo-bop

  • Decade: 90s - Click to listen'90s
    Exciting new voices and elder statesmen in their later years

  • Decade: 2000s - Click to listen '00s
    An enormous collection of jazz from the last decade

New music
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